Backdating of employment and support allowance big women dating uk

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If a claim is defective,8then the DWP must advise the claimant of the defect and the relevant rules as to the date of claim (see below).

It appears that the DWP must advise the claimant of the precise defect and not merely that the claim is defective.

So if you are claiming JSA and you can’t get it backdated for any time that you were working.

There are different reasons you might want to have a benefit claim backdated.

‘Backdated’ means the date your claim starts from is moved back in time.

You have to be entitled to the benefit you want backdated for the whole time you want it backdated.

You will get support to help you prepare for suitable work.

You may be entitled to this if you have paid enough National Insurance contributions.

You may be entitled to this if you do not have enough money coming in or you have not paid enough National Insurance contributions, and you satisfy the entitlement conditions.

Employment and Support Allowance can be backdated for up to three months before the date of claim if you would have been entitled to it earlier, for example, if you had a health condition that meant you were unable to work.

You will be asked to provide a medical certificate to show this.

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