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These days, she’s on the Travel Channel, working with Belleci on , a show that examines the scientific side of some of the world’s rollercoasters and other amusements.

Let’s look at her career as a whole, and see where she might go from here.

I’m riding my Mountain Bike down slightly scarier hills.” Fans of Mythbusters will remember that Kari was actually pregnant during a season of the show.

, which ended this spring after just over a decade on air.

Many people might know that she is a married woman but it is her husband who has been raising everybody’s eyebrow. Kari Byron is married to Paul Urich, who is a rising artist and designer.

Talking about his workplace, he does not have a separate studio for his work.

Interning for M5 Industries, Kari was first utilized for her “behind” for an early episode about a woman getting stuck on an airplane toilet. I wanted to try to get into special effects and I love sculpture, so I wanted to apply it and actually make some money out of it other than in the arts.

, Hyneman was asked to produce a casting video for the network.Then in 2002, the Discovery Channel became interested in a show where they would test out urban myths, movie effects tropes, and other bits of colloquial knowledge that might not be true.Today we are talking about our former co-host Kari Byron of the famous science experimental program called Myth Buster."After a decade of the Myth Busters, we are no longer with the show," Byron tweeted. Manning the post as the only on-screen female Myth Buster, Kari Byron is doing more than just solving burning questions of curious viewers around the world.

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Tory and Kari both worked on the show from 2004 to 2014 and formed a very close friendship that transcended the entertainment industry, and now the two are back together working on a brand new show called for the Travel Channel.