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(Alicia Calaway, Gervase Peterson, Jeff Varner and Susan Hawk) made a guest appearance and competed in a luxury competition against the remaining housemates.

Survivor was the biggest show in America at the time, and it was a smart decision by CBS to use contestants from the show to help draw interest to the less successful Big Brother – which was trying to re-invent itself as a Survivor-style strategy based game at the time.

Lady Antebellum has now sold more than six million copies of their career-changing 2009 single “Need You Now.” Singer Granger Smith is getting ready to do a whole lot of walking — in combat boots!

“Survivor” fans may or may not vaguely remember Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson, who both made it as far as the Jury is “Survivor: South Pacific” and are now engaged.

The only thing I remembered about either of them was that they were part of the Savaii alliance betrayed by the flip-flopping Cochran in his first “Survivor” season.

This keeps them from really developing a relationship with the other tribe and makes for a lot of last minute scrambling, positioning and back-stabbing come merge time.

Obviously the teams living RIGHT next to each other is going to make for some interesting alliances, rivalries, conflicts and – judging by the total eye candy of the contestants that CBS rounded up this year – you can only imagine producers *hoping* for some romantical dalliances.

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(Survivor has spawned its share of love-nesting; from Rob and Amber to Ethan and Jenna to last season’s Whitney and Keith; Whitney ignoring that minor little detail that she was still married back in the real world.) Jay Byars – Unlike the other guys that just look like they should be/want to be models, this dude actually IS a model and looks to be in great shape.

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